Meet the Staff

Nicole Roberts


Nicole has been with the Vibrant Living Chiropractic family since 2010. At the same time, she started to receive chiropractic adjustments and immediately saw tremendous results! She believes strongly in the safe and natural approach to healing that chiropractic care provides. For Nicole, the most rewarding part of working for Vibrant Living Chiropractic is witnessing the improvements and strides patients make toward their health goals.

Nicole’s warm and friendly personality creates a welcoming atmosphere for new and returning patients. She also enjoys camping, reading and vacationing. Let her know if you have hiking suggestions!

Dr. Mike Thompson

Dr. Mike

Dr. Thompson graduated magna cum laude from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1994, has a master degree in exercise science from Indiana State University and worked as an exercise physiologist in New York City and Atlanta before chiropractic college. He earned post-graduate certification in rehab, posture and was certified most recently as a chiropractic wellness physician, which encompass the areas of exercise, nutrition and stress reduction. Dr. Thompson was a collegiate athlete, playing football and running track and has continued to live an active lifestyle having completed several marathons, urban-eco challenges and is an avid golfer.

Over the past 26 years he has dedicated himself to both his patients and his profession, serving the Kentucky Association of Chiropractors, the International Chiropractic Association’s board of directors for the Council on Wellness Science, the National Wellness Foundation, the Wellness Champions and Chiropractic Leadership Alliance. He has taught several post graduate classes and currently serves as an adjunct professor at Logan University

Dr. Thompson currently has witnessed the rise of chronic pain conditions the past 26 years in practice, and has been working directly with the leading pain management, orthopedic and neuro surgeons in the area to provide care for these patients with an emphasis on leading patients on their journey to regainging a more energetic, vibrant, longer and higher quality of life.

Dr. Thompson is frequently asked to speak to companies, support groups, schools and local municipalities about health restoration and is known as a humorous and dynamic speaker with the ability to shift the culture of a company from awareness to action.

Through his years of studying health and how to overcome chronic pain along with his 26 years of clinical experience utilizing these strategies to optimize performance, he has developed a system to assist patients suffering with chronic pain in restoring and elevating their current health with the added benefit of reducing the needs for medication. His system of pain management and health restoration has been utilized by not only pain specialists but also local radiology oncologists for their patients in helping to restore their health.

Dr. Thompson uses a “whole person” approach to health care. This system of health means understanding where a person is with regards to their overall health and well being and making the appropriate recommendations, care and lifestyle adjustments to optimize your body for maximum performance. Utilizing this approach has allowed Dr. Thompson to experience exceptional results over the past 26 years for his practice members in their journey to greater health and living a vibrant life.

Our goal is to guide you to regain your overall health. Shift your life from surviving to thriving and living your own vibrant life.


Together, you and Dr. Mike can develop the optimal treatment plan for you! Schedule your appointment today!

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