Who is responsible for your health?

Many in America fall into poor lifestyle choices that lead to poor health. An important question becomes, who is responsible for your health anyway?

Is it your doctor, your insurance company, the government?

Of course, it’s you. Each of us is ultimately responsible for our own health.  The decisions we make, each and every day, determine the outcome of how our bodies hold up over time and whether we merely survive, or whether we thrive and live vibrantly.

The question of who takes responsibility for your health may seem peripheral, but it’s actually the most important question.  People get caught up in who is paying for health care expenses, as if it is some kind of “birthright” to have health insurance, when we should actually be thinking about how to improve our health.

Let’s first differentiate between health insurance (care) and sickness care/insurance by asking a question.  When do you call the doctor?  When you are feeling well or when you are not feeling well?

Most will say when they aren’t feeling well.  That’s because the system is set up to take effect only when things are broken.  If the system were set up to generate health, it would reward good lifestyle behaviors, it would “pay” for health/wellness related activities.

The modern practice of medicine is set up to only pay when you are sick or get hurt.  Insurance, by definition, is there in the event something happens, like fire, home and auto.

Do you expect your car insurance to pay for having your oil changed or tires rotated?  Does your home insurance pay for basic maintenance on your house and property?

The problem lies in our approach to true, optimal health and well being which begins inside not out.  By that I mean health is an inside out process, not outside in.  We have been conditioned by advertising and media to believe that proper treatment for any ache, pain or social ill is taking a pill or having a procedure done.

The emphasis is on treating symptoms or making us look better on the outside. As a society, we are more inclined to reach into our medicine cabinet for what ails us as opposed to looking in our refrigerator for nutritious choices to energize us for an active day.

We are more apt to go to the local pharmacy and buy an over the counter prescription than exercise. We are likely to run to our doctor for symptoms of fatigue, loss of energy, loss of sleep, or depression, to obtain a prescription for a drug that temporarily treats the symptom.

Lost in the pharmaceutical industry’s media presentation is the fact that many drugs for depression are no more effective than a placebo sugar pill. Which may be a better option since the placebo at least doesn’t have the nasty side effects.

A far more effective solution to affect the “cause” of the problem is to take a look in the mirror and process our thoughts on what is going on in our life (i.e. our stressors) and identify strategies to manage and lessen their effect on our body.

We live in a hectic, fast-paced, technology driven society that wants to “feel better” yesterday.  This has translated into making poorer choices because we are “too busy” to slow down and do the basic things our bodies have always required to live a long, happy, healthy, and vibrant existence.

To see through the media conditioning and by-pass our instant gratification tendencies, you need a guide, a coach, a mentor who can keep you focused on the goal of optimum health. Accountability is essential toward keeping you honest and providing you with the inspiration to overcome a lifetime of programming.

At Vibrant Living Chiropractic we help people like you do this every day, with amazing results. It starts with an honest look at where you are right now and that can happen with a simple phone call and appointment.

Dr. Mike Thompson
Vibrant Living Chiropractic


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