Pull your head out.

For years, chiropractors were known as the professional you went to when your back was hurt. Get injured in a car accident, hurt yourself picking something up, see a chiropractor.

That’s changing. Smart people are realizing that we’ve all been sold a bill of goods when it comes to taking care of our health. The media message regarding health and nutrition is misleading at best and conditions the masses with erroneous views.

People are recognizing that processed food manufacturers and pharmaceutical manufacturers have an agenda that may not coincide with theirs. At the core of the “Five Principles of Vibrant Living” is nutrition, fitness and chiropractic care.

I learned early on in my 17-year career that simply adjusting an unhealthy person gives them only temporary relief. To do anything of a permanent nature you need to build healthy muscles around a properly functioning spine and nervous system with scientifically proven nutritional principles and physical activity.

To build muscle tissue and provide sufficient energy throughout the day you have to feed the body appropriately, with the right food containing the right nutrients. You also have to have a fitness plan that is reasonable, specific  and designed for you.

All three components are essential and it is critical to address any deficiencies in each/all areas to optimize your health, otherwise you will have a weak link in the chain that determines your health.  Eating right and working out will make you feel better, but you’ll be building supportive tissue around a misaligned, or subluxated, spine. You’ll never feel and be your best if years of subluxation are not overcome.

Healthy consumers are awakening to this every day because they see the truth in these principles.  However knowing where to start and how to progress to greater health is the real issue and that is where the principle of accountability enters.  The intelligent individual doesn’t doubt this. They know it’s true. Doing something about it is the challenge.

Our purpose at Vibrant Living Chiropractic is to optimize your health by emphasizing our Five Principles so that your body can function at its optimal level every day for the rest of your life.  By alleviating nervous system distress and then fortifying it with proper nutrition and physical activity you begin to live a vibrant existence.

If we are to overcome these years of conditioning on your body it will take time, (although less then you might think). As your chiropractic wellness expert we will align your spine, alleviate the nerve distress, and maximize the benefits by showing you how to build muscle and feed your body so that it has the energy you need to thrive.

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