If you build a house with the best quality materials, and sound construction principles, it stands to reason you are going to have a quality structure.  What happens when a house is constructed with sub-par materials?

As a St. Louis chiropractor with a focus on sports nutrition and fitness, Dr. Michael Thompson helps clients develop and incorporate sound health and nutrition plans.

What we think of when it comes to health and nutrition as Americans has changed greatly in the past few decades. The amount of processed foods, with dangerous chemicals, the amount of indigestible oils and dyes is staggering. When it comes to diet and nutrition for most, it is a high fat, high-sugar, and carbohydrate rich attack on their bodies that deteriorates health and fitness.

If we are going to build quality structure around a properly aligned spine, we have to have a “nutrition for life” attitude and eat the right foods.  It’s not as easy as saying I want to eat more fruits, vegetable and lean meats. Most people have tried that, and it only works for a while. To change life long diet and nutrition habits we have to take the dramatic step of being accountable to someone else for reaching our health and nutrition goals.

As a St. Louis chiropractor and sports nutrition expert, Dr. Michael Thompson will look at your actual diet and nutrition habits and then create a plan to improve them.  For your family it will be a matter of suggestion, and presentation, but it starts with you. Whether mother or father, you must be the leader.

Everything worth accomplishing requires effort. To lose weight, get in shape, and feel great, you will have to be committed. Success starts with understanding where you are currently and developing the resolve to reach obtainable goals, effective planning to reach them, measurement and accountability.

The Five Principles of Vibrant Living supports your efforts in eating healthy, eating right and providing yourself the building blocks for a better you. And you will notice a difference right away in how you feel and what you get done.