How to Optimize Athletic Performance

I’m an athlete. I grew up playing all kinds of sports and  played football in college.

When I first became a chiropractor I immediately began  working with high school athletes. One of the first things I noticed was how quickly these kids recovered from bumps, bruises and injuries. Not long  after that I realized just how much these kids were leaving on the table as far as the athletes they could have become.

Over the years I’ve had the advantage of working with professional, college, and high-school athletes. They are probably the most receptive groups to the advantages that the care of a chiropractor brings.

This is because they are fitness enthusiasts, have great nutrition habits, enjoy a positive mental attitude and are already accountable to a coach and/or trainer. This is the greatest endorsement for the “Five Principles of Vibrant Living.”

Here’s a quote from NFL Hall of Fame legend, Jerry Rice:

“I did a lot of things to stay in the game, but regular visits to my chiropractor were among the most important. Chiropractic gave me the edge to succeed.”

That’s great for professionals, but what about your student athlete?

The amazing thing is the amount of time and money we as parents spend on select team sports, camps, going to practice, etc. How much time do we spend with our young athletes on nutrition, fitness and putting their body and nervous system in the optimum position to improve their capabilities?

How counter-productive it is when after a workout we fail to provide the body the nutrients it needs to repair muscle tissue appropriately.  How effective is it when we neglect the needs of the very muscles we just exercised? How much benefit are you really seeing?

Of course, you can’t be the cop all the time. That’s why your athlete has to take responsibility for their health, nutrition and fitness themselves. Let them be the cheerleader for everyone else in the family eating better.

Vibrant Living Chiropractic is glad to do workshops, at no cost, for your sports team. Whether they become clients or not, they will benefit from the education.

If you want your athlete to achieve at their peak of ability, call me at 314-432-2329.

We can schedule a quick assessment of their spine and nervous system to see where they are at and determine what your athlete might be capable of.

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