Health (thinking well):

True health, mental stability, wellness, peace, serenity and balance in our lives can be elusive.

We all understand nutrition and the basic concept that if we eat better, we will feel better about ourselves and lose weight.

Most people recognize the health fitness connection, that you are going to see benefits, more energy, more vitality, even a longer life when health and fitness are priorities.

Stress management and thinking well can be a little abstract, especially early on when you are eating garbage and out of shape. Still, the way we perceive life, how we look at others, indeed our level of confidence in taking on the day, has an enormous effect on how motivated we are to eat properly, enjoy the benefits of fitness and stay on track with our health and fitness goals.

Having a proper mental attitude, whether its visualization of objectives or meditation, can be instrumental in gravitating to an overall sense of peace and happiness. You can be in the best shape of your life, eating right and working out regularly, but if you are not happy – what’s the point?

There’s a certain balance or overall serenity and peace that comes from adapting the other Principles of Vibrant Living. Incorporating them all into an effective routine will have lasting benefit for you and your family.

In addition to being their chiropractor, fitness trainer, nutritionist and advisor, Dr. Michael Thompson and the staff at Vibrant Living Chiropractic, help practice members stay balanced. Frequently without the use of dangerous prescription or over the counter medicines.

Right thinking, peace and balance in life is a by-product of living well and implementing the Principles of Vibrant Living. This reward tends to come later on in the process, as you change your eating habits, start reaching fitness benchmarks, and build muscle around a well-aligned nervous system.  As you progress, the thinking well dimension of these principles starts to become apparent.  This dimension of your health is one of the most over-looked and under-utilized areas when it comes to complete health.  For many one or two easy to learn strategies is all it takes to incorporate in your daily routine to make a difference between improving and optimizing your health for maximal daily performance.

An example: a patient we will call “Mary”, who originally came to us looking for a doctor that could help her not only improve her health and chronic headache and digestive pain, but also wanted to reduce or no longer have to take her prescription medication for these conditions which left her feeling “detached, numb and in a fog”.  As she began to get adjusted, eat healthier and follow a fitness routine, she was able to begin reducing certain medications.   However, it wasn’t until Mary began to utilize one of our stress management strategies that she was able to completely eliminate her medication use altogether.