Your spine is properly aligned… (“check”)
You are eating all the right foods… (“check”)
So what now?

As your chiropractor, we want you to have physical fitness in tandem with: health and wellness, chiropractic care, accountability, and nutrition. In fact, we want to be your fitness trainer and put you on a fitness plan to use proper nutrition to build muscle to support your perfectly aligned spine.

We’re not as interested in the body builder type of muscles, just the basic internal ones that hold everything in place. If these muscles are left unworked, they become soft and our nervous system and spine have to compensate.  That leads to vertebral subluxations where your spine is misaligned and the effectiveness of your nervous system is hampered. Our bodies degrade over time, naturally, and it’s just made worse with modern, and frequently sedentary, lifestyles.

Most of us get “to that place” just by having a job, spending a certain amount of time in one position, whether at a desk, bent over a press, or engaged in repetitive motion. Driving the car, sitting in front of a computer at home, watching TV — all contribute to the downward spiral.

None of these positions and repetitive actions are what we did for thousands of years as hunters and gathers. We are built to be active: moving, standing, running, climbing. All too often the obstacles towards fitness seem overwhelming in their conflict with the prudent path of fitness activity in conjunction with chiropractic care, nutrition, and a well aligned attitude.

It starts with an assessment you will receive from us when you schedule a complimentary health assessment from Vibrant Living Chiropractor. We will make sure you have an understanding of where you are at, where you should start, and what your goals can be. Everything will be broken down by month, week and day,  including what you will need to do to reach those goals.