St. Louis Chiropractor/ Cardiovascular Protection for Stressed Men

Hi all, Dr. Mike here. Here is a great example of why it’s so important to manage your stress!
Stress is well known to play a role in heart disease. Blood vessels are specially designed to respond to the ever-changing blood flow needs in different parts of the body. Healthy blood vessels are elastic, flexible, and strong, but many people unknowingly have low-level chronic inflammation in their blood vessel walls, causing the walls to become thicker and less flexible, and increasing heart attack risk.

St. Louis Chiropractor/Cardiovascular Disease May Take a Dive With Chiropractic Care

Hi all, Dr. Mike here with your health tip of the week. This heart disease article is a must read for all as it kills more American’s in the United States than any other disease!
Most individuals believe that cardiovascular disease can only be mitigated through diet, exercise and keeping blood cholesterol and blood pressure in check, as well as getting a sound sleep and banning cigarettes. All of these disciplines are standard. Yet, studies have revealed that chiropractic care may have a more dominant impact on lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease than previously thought. It is exciting to read about studies showing that cardiovascular disease may take a dive with chiropractic care.
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