St. Louis Chiropractor/ Cardiovascular Protection for Stressed Men

Hi all, Dr. Mike here. Here is a great example of why it’s so important to manage your stress!
Stress is well known to play a role in heart disease. Blood vessels are specially designed to respond to the ever-changing blood flow needs in different parts of the body. Healthy blood vessels are elastic, flexible, and strong, but many people unknowingly have low-level chronic inflammation in their blood vessel walls, causing the walls to become thicker and less flexible, and increasing heart attack risk.

St. Louis Chiropractor/Exercise to Outdistance the Common Cold

Hi all, Dr. Mike here with your health tip of the week. Here is one of the many reasons we should be staying physically fit.

Exercise to Outdistance the Common Cold

It’s an old line, but it bears repeating: staying physically fit improves your overall health. From preventing heart disease to shaving days off the common cold, exercise really is the miracle anti-drug.

If you’re like many people, getting out to exercise on the darkest days of the year may be the last thing that appeals but the rewards are more than worth the unpleasant temperatures and slushy sidewalks. As a new study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reports, people who are in better physical shape and get at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise on five or more days per week are not only much less likely to get a cold, but will also have milder symptoms than those who are less fit and don’t exercise as much.

More than 200 different viruses cause the common cold, so while you can’t catch the same one twice, chances are good that there are still plenty out there you just haven’t been exposed to yet. Most adults catch about two to four colds per year; children usually get six to ten. Lining the shelves of every pharmacy and health food store are dozens of different formulas that claim to ease the severity and duration of the cold, but prevention may still be the best medicine.

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St. Louis Chiropractor/PMS and Wellness Chiropractic

Hi all, Dr. Mike here with your health tip of the week. This article is a must read for everybody!

Premenstrual syndrome is often talked and joked about even by the very women who suffer from it. It is marked by unexplainable and unpredictable symptoms in women from mood swings to murder. PMS is a serious problem and should be taken seriously. Four out of ten women of childbearing age experience PMS symptoms. Researchers describe PMS as an abnormal response to normal hormonal changes producing a host of symptoms including irritability, mood swings, tension, ineffectiveness, lack of motor coordination, mental fog, altered eating habits, variations in sexual drive and social impairment. Most women decide either to suffer with it or to take prescription drugs with potential serious side effects. Few women consider chiropractic as an option for care.

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St. Louis Chiropractor/Vibrant Living Chiropractic/To Function at Your Peak, Stop Shorting Your Sleep

Hey there everyone, Dr. Mike here.  As you know when we talk about healthy lifestyles one component that seems to be overlooked is quantity and quality sleep.  Here is a good article regarding the importance and some tips for a good nights sleep.  So if you have been finding yourself challenged with getting your rest, enjoy the article.

Adults worldwide appear to be chronically sleep deprived, with people even bragging about how little sleep they need—but the latest research suggests that the go-go lifestyle comes at a price.

St. Louis Chiropractor/Vibrant Living Chiropractic/Resolution of Atrial Fibrillation & Hypertension in a Patient Undergoing Upper-Cervical Chiropractic Care

Hey this is Dr. Mike and I wanted to pass along a great article regarding chiropractic care and reducing and eliminating atrial fibrillation (in other words an irregular heart rhythm) and blood pressure.  Always remember your nerves control what is occurring in your body and if they are irritated the end result with be a change in normal function.

This case reviews the use of upper cervical chiropractic care in the resolution of signs and symptoms in a patient with atrial fibrillation and hypertension.

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