St. Louis Chiropractor/ 3 Reasons to Get More Turmeric

Hi all, Dr. Mike here with your health tip of the week! This article educates us the many benefits turmeric has to offer!
The ancients were on to something. Turmeric—a staple of East Indian curries for centuries—adds more than distinctive color and flavor to dishes: studies continue to show that curcumin, its active ingredient, affects health in several beneficial ways. As researchers continue to investigate its effects, including supplementing with higher amounts than can be eaten in the diet, proactively adding this spice to your regular diet may support your health.

St. Louis Chiropractor/Beautiful, Bountiful Berries

Hi all, Dr. Mike here with your health tip of the week. This great article educates us on how we can enjoy our seasonal fruits all year round!

Savor one of summer’s sublime pleasures all year long with a dash of forethought and a pinch of preparation. Just a few simple steps will preserve some of this season’s jeweled treats to brighten your wintertime meals.

St. Louis Chiropractor/ Cardiovascular Protection for Stressed Men

Hi all, Dr. Mike here. Here is a great example of why it’s so important to manage your stress!
Stress is well known to play a role in heart disease. Blood vessels are specially designed to respond to the ever-changing blood flow needs in different parts of the body. Healthy blood vessels are elastic, flexible, and strong, but many people unknowingly have low-level chronic inflammation in their blood vessel walls, causing the walls to become thicker and less flexible, and increasing heart attack risk.

St. Louis Chiropractor/Exercise to Give Your Brain a Boost

Hi all, Dr. Mike here with your health tip of the week.  This article tells of one of lesser known reasons proper exercises are so important. We all need to exercise regularly for optimum health, but physical activity may be particularly beneficial for a woman’s brain function as she ages.

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St. Louis Chiropractor/ Avoid Processed Meat, Live Longer

Hi all, Dr. Mike here with your health tip of the week. This is a great article that tells of a few of the many reasons you should avoid eating processed meat.
Is meat bad for your health? A study published in BMC Medicine finds that processed meats—hot dogs, bacon, sausage, bologna, and other sandwich meats—are a health hazard, contributing to heart disease, cancer, and a shortened life overall.

St. Louis Chiropractor/The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder

Hi all, Dr. Mike here with your health tip of the week. This is an important article for everyone to read as we all know someone who suffers ADD/ADHD.
After more than 50 years leading the fight to legitimize attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Keith Conners could be celebrating.
Severely hyperactive and impulsive children, once shunned as bad seeds, are now recognized as having a real neurological problem. Doctors and parents have largely accepted drugs like Adderall and Concerta to temper the traits of classic A.D.H.D., helping youngsters succeed in school and beyond.
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St. Louis Chiropractor/Acid-Suppressing Drugs Linked to Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Hi all, Dr. Mike here with your health tip of the week. This important article tells how Acid-Suppressing drugs can actually do more harm than good. In the past 20 years of working with patients I have witnessed hundreds of cases resolved without the need for this type of medication.

People who use certain acid-suppressing drugs for two years or longer are at increased risk of vitamin B12 deficiency, which can lead to anemia, neurological problems or dementia, researchers reported on Tuesday. Click Here to Read More!

St. Louis Chiropractor/A Yellow Spice for a Sunny Mood

Hi all, Dr. Mike here with your health tip of the week. This is another great article about how we can eat our way to better health!

A Yellow Spice for a Sunny Mood

While most antidepressant medications are believed to work by changing the levels of chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters, many scientists now think that chronic inflammation may contribute to depression. Curcumin, a well-known anti-inflammatory compound from the herb turmeric (Curcuma longa), was studied for its effect in people with major depressive disorder and was found to be as helpful as the antidepressant drug fluoxetine (Prozac). The findings of this preliminary study, published in Phytotherapy Research, report a combination of curcumin and fluoxetine was slightly more effective than either alone.

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