A New Revolution

This Monday, and really all weekend, we will all celebrate the freedom we enjoy as Americans. We will revel in the reward afforded us by the courageous and committed Americans who have fought and sacrificed for all of us, for over 200 years.

We take the word, “Revolution,” for granted today. In its true context it is a life or death decision.

For our forefathers the cost of failure was swinging from a tree as a traitor. The reward for success was control of their destiny and the then unimaginable blessings and privileges we enjoy today.

There is another revolution taking place right now. The present day oppressors are still formidable and the consequences are still life and death. This tyrant is subtle and deceptive in its attack against us and those we love. This enemy is actually behind the front-line and in our midst. That’s because it is one of our own making.

The attacker is our modern lifestyle:

  • Processed foods
  • Pharmaceuticals that treat only symptoms
  • Reactionary medicine
  • Static office work environments
  • Sedentary lifestyles
  • TVs, computers and video games

When you are overweight, out of shape and stressed out, you are a prisoner of way. It’s a vicious cycle that can beat you down, kill enjoyment and eventually destroy you. The Five Principles of Vibrant Living are built on the simple concept that to have true health, we must fight back with the combination of nutrition, fitness, chiropractic care and accountability.

Freedom from the tyranny of poor health and bad lifestyle choices isn’t easily gained. As is always the case, the only way to overcome this oppressor is with grit, determination and help from others.

Don’t rollover for this bully. Fight back. Our militia meeting spot is Vibrant Living Chiropractic.

Enjoy the weekend, and then call us at 314-432-2329.

Let’s schedule an assessment. Let’s find out where you are, how bad things have gotten and what you would need to do to take control of your body and mind, your life and your future.

What’s that? You don’t think you can do it.

Come on, we’re Americans. We can do anything.

How to Optimize Athletic Performance

I’m an athlete. I grew up playing all kinds of sports and  played football in college.

When I first became a chiropractor I immediately began  working with high school athletes. One of the first things I noticed was how quickly these kids recovered from bumps, bruises and injuries. Not long  after that I realized just how much these kids were leaving on the table as far as the athletes they could have become.

Over the years I’ve had the advantage of working with professional, college, and high-school athletes. They are probably the most receptive groups to the advantages that the care of a chiropractor brings.

This is because they are fitness enthusiasts, have great nutrition habits, enjoy a positive mental attitude and are already accountable to a coach and/or trainer. This is the greatest endorsement for the “Five Principles of Vibrant Living.”

Here’s a quote from NFL Hall of Fame legend, Jerry Rice:

“I did a lot of things to stay in the game, but regular visits to my chiropractor were among the most important. Chiropractic gave me the edge to succeed.”

That’s great for professionals, but what about your student athlete?

The amazing thing is the amount of time and money we as parents spend on select team sports, camps, going to practice, etc. How much time do we spend with our young athletes on nutrition, fitness and putting their body and nervous system in the optimum position to improve their capabilities?

How counter-productive it is when after a workout we fail to provide the body the nutrients it needs to repair muscle tissue appropriately.  How effective is it when we neglect the needs of the very muscles we just exercised? How much benefit are you really seeing?

Of course, you can’t be the cop all the time. That’s why your athlete has to take responsibility for their health, nutrition and fitness themselves. Let them be the cheerleader for everyone else in the family eating better.

Vibrant Living Chiropractic is glad to do workshops, at no cost, for your sports team. Whether they become clients or not, they will benefit from the education.

If you want your athlete to achieve at their peak of ability, call me at 314-432-2329.

We can schedule a quick assessment of their spine and nervous system to see where they are at and determine what your athlete might be capable of.

Pull your head out.

For years, chiropractors were known as the professional you went to when your back was hurt. Get injured in a car accident, hurt yourself picking something up, see a chiropractor.

That’s changing. Smart people are realizing that we’ve all been sold a bill of goods when it comes to taking care of our health. The media message regarding health and nutrition is misleading at best and conditions the masses with erroneous views.

People are recognizing that processed food manufacturers and pharmaceutical manufacturers have an agenda that may not coincide with theirs. At the core of the “Five Principles of Vibrant Living” is nutrition, fitness and chiropractic care.

I learned early on in my 17-year career that simply adjusting an unhealthy person gives them only temporary relief. To do anything of a permanent nature you need to build healthy muscles around a properly functioning spine and nervous system with scientifically proven nutritional principles and physical activity.

To build muscle tissue and provide sufficient energy throughout the day you have to feed the body appropriately, with the right food containing the right nutrients. You also have to have a fitness plan that is reasonable, specific  and designed for you.

All three components are essential and it is critical to address any deficiencies in each/all areas to optimize your health, otherwise you will have a weak link in the chain that determines your health.  Eating right and working out will make you feel better, but you’ll be building supportive tissue around a misaligned, or subluxated, spine. You’ll never feel and be your best if years of subluxation are not overcome.

Healthy consumers are awakening to this every day because they see the truth in these principles.  However knowing where to start and how to progress to greater health is the real issue and that is where the principle of accountability enters.  The intelligent individual doesn’t doubt this. They know it’s true. Doing something about it is the challenge.

Our purpose at Vibrant Living Chiropractic is to optimize your health by emphasizing our Five Principles so that your body can function at its optimal level every day for the rest of your life.  By alleviating nervous system distress and then fortifying it with proper nutrition and physical activity you begin to live a vibrant existence.

If we are to overcome these years of conditioning on your body it will take time, (although less then you might think). As your chiropractic wellness expert we will align your spine, alleviate the nerve distress, and maximize the benefits by showing you how to build muscle and feed your body so that it has the energy you need to thrive.

Who is responsible for your health?

Many in America fall into poor lifestyle choices that lead to poor health. An important question becomes, who is responsible for your health anyway?

Is it your doctor, your insurance company, the government?

Of course, it’s you. Each of us is ultimately responsible for our own health.  The decisions we make, each and every day, determine the outcome of how our bodies hold up over time and whether we merely survive, or whether we thrive and live vibrantly.

The question of who takes responsibility for your health may seem peripheral, but it’s actually the most important question.  People get caught up in who is paying for health care expenses, as if it is some kind of “birthright” to have health insurance, when we should actually be thinking about how to improve our health.

Let’s first differentiate between health insurance (care) and sickness care/insurance by asking a question.  When do you call the doctor?  When you are feeling well or when you are not feeling well?

Most will say when they aren’t feeling well.  That’s because the system is set up to take effect only when things are broken.  If the system were set up to generate health, it would reward good lifestyle behaviors, it would “pay” for health/wellness related activities.

The modern practice of medicine is set up to only pay when you are sick or get hurt.  Insurance, by definition, is there in the event something happens, like fire, home and auto.

Do you expect your car insurance to pay for having your oil changed or tires rotated?  Does your home insurance pay for basic maintenance on your house and property?

The problem lies in our approach to true, optimal health and well being which begins inside not out.  By that I mean health is an inside out process, not outside in.  We have been conditioned by advertising and media to believe that proper treatment for any ache, pain or social ill is taking a pill or having a procedure done.

The emphasis is on treating symptoms or making us look better on the outside. As a society, we are more inclined to reach into our medicine cabinet for what ails us as opposed to looking in our refrigerator for nutritious choices to energize us for an active day.

We are more apt to go to the local pharmacy and buy an over the counter prescription than exercise. We are likely to run to our doctor for symptoms of fatigue, loss of energy, loss of sleep, or depression, to obtain a prescription for a drug that temporarily treats the symptom.

Lost in the pharmaceutical industry’s media presentation is the fact that many drugs for depression are no more effective than a placebo sugar pill. Which may be a better option since the placebo at least doesn’t have the nasty side effects.

A far more effective solution to affect the “cause” of the problem is to take a look in the mirror and process our thoughts on what is going on in our life (i.e. our stressors) and identify strategies to manage and lessen their effect on our body.

We live in a hectic, fast-paced, technology driven society that wants to “feel better” yesterday.  This has translated into making poorer choices because we are “too busy” to slow down and do the basic things our bodies have always required to live a long, happy, healthy, and vibrant existence.

To see through the media conditioning and by-pass our instant gratification tendencies, you need a guide, a coach, a mentor who can keep you focused on the goal of optimum health. Accountability is essential toward keeping you honest and providing you with the inspiration to overcome a lifetime of programming.

At Vibrant Living Chiropractic we help people like you do this every day, with amazing results. It starts with an honest look at where you are right now and that can happen with a simple phone call and appointment.

Dr. Mike Thompson
Vibrant Living Chiropractic


Are you happy with where you are at with your health?

As we prepare for a long holiday weekend, take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself something. Are you happy with your health, your look, your strength, your energy?

If not, what are you doing about getting into shape, living a healthier lifestyle and feeling better? You know what needs to be done, but why aren’t you doing it?

There’s a reason the Five Principles of Vibrant Living start with “accountability.” Without a plan and someone to hold you to it, the odds of success are small.

Last week at the age of 46, Bernard Hopkins became the boxing champion of the world in his weight class. Even though Bernard has been boxing his entire adult life, he still has a trainer to keep him on course.

Why should you be any different? Aren’t your body, nervous system, health and happiness, just as valuable to you?

It all starts with accountability though. Athletes know it, that’s why many have chiropractors, nutritionists and special trainers to help them reach their goals and perform at the elite level.

Jerry Rice knew what to do every day after years of playing in the NFL. But he still had to have a trainer to keep him on course. Jerry also felt a chiropractor was essential to optimum health, fitness and performance. He was right.

Take stock of where you are at this weekend. If you want to reach a higher level in your health and well-being, set goals that are specific and obtainable. Write them down along with a reasonable plan for obtaining them.

Then the important part: find someone who will keep you on track and make you accountable for reaching your goals. Sounds simple, but the hard part is getting started and having a third-party really know where you are at by measuring how your lifestyle is effecting your body’s natural ability to function using space certified technology.

For optimum health your plan will need to incorporate elements of sound nutrition, strength and fitness training, along with the care of a chiropractor.

You can also just call us next week at 314-432-2329.  Our mission is to educate and empower you toward optimal health. We look forward to being your chiropractic wellness physician and leading to a vibrant life!

Feel free to forward this post to a friend.

Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend and a sincere thank you to all who serve our country today or in the past.

Dr. Mike Thompson
Vibrant Living Chiropractic

St. Louis Chiropractor – New Health Website

We are excited to announce the launch of http://vibrantlivingchiropractic.com/ and the “Five Principles of Vibrant Living.” It’s our new website dedicated to health, nutrition, fitness, chiropractic and accountability regarding the lifestyle choices we all make.

For 17 years I have been providing care for people at various stages of health deterioration from poor lifestyle choices. Our “Five Principles” are the foundation of what we do at Vibrant Living Chiropractic. Our sole purpose is to educate and empower you toward optimal health.

Please read the site and post your comments. I would be honored if you would follow us and contribute your thoughts, progress and experiences.

Dr. Michael Thompson
Vibrant Living Chiropractic

Benefits of Chiropractor Care

A lot of the symptoms and illnesses that we, and our children, suffer are due to poor health, a misaligned spine, poorly functioning central nervous system, poor diet, poor posture, and a lack of physical conditioning.  Over my 16 year chiropractic, nutrition and sports physiology background, I have seen firsthand serious illnesses and ailments alleviated and removed through proper chiropractor care, nutrition and fitness.

I understand how a non-chiropractor might, at first glance, think some of these ailments that experience relief through the care of a chiropractor don’t appear to be associated with the central nervous system. Yet in reality, everything is associated with your central nervous system.

Let me be clear, we don’t treat ADHD or migraines, but all too frequently and for me in the majority of cases, these types of symptoms are relieved with a properly functioning spine and a healthy well functioning body around it.  We will be adding commentary on ailments as we go on:

  • Allergies
  • Bedwetting
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Childhood Illnesses
  • Fatigue
  • Immune System
  • Migraines
  • Vaccination
  • Vertebral Subluxation

If you have comments or questions please feel free to share them.

Dr. Mike Thompson
Vibrant Living Chiropractic


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