Are you happy with where you are at with your health?

As we prepare for a long holiday weekend, take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself something. Are you happy with your health, your look, your strength, your energy?

If not, what are you doing about getting into shape, living a healthier lifestyle and feeling better? You know what needs to be done, but why aren’t you doing it?

There’s a reason the Five Principles of Vibrant Living start with “accountability.” Without a plan and someone to hold you to it, the odds of success are small.

Last week at the age of 46, Bernard Hopkins became the boxing champion of the world in his weight class. Even though Bernard has been boxing his entire adult life, he still has a trainer to keep him on course.

Why should you be any different? Aren’t your body, nervous system, health and happiness, just as valuable to you?

It all starts with accountability though. Athletes know it, that’s why many have chiropractors, nutritionists and special trainers to help them reach their goals and perform at the elite level.

Jerry Rice knew what to do every day after years of playing in the NFL. But he still had to have a trainer to keep him on course. Jerry also felt a chiropractor was essential to optimum health, fitness and performance. He was right.

Take stock of where you are at this weekend. If you want to reach a higher level in your health and well-being, set goals that are specific and obtainable. Write them down along with a reasonable plan for obtaining them.

Then the important part: find someone who will keep you on track and make you accountable for reaching your goals. Sounds simple, but the hard part is getting started and having a third-party really know where you are at by measuring how your lifestyle is effecting your body’s natural ability to function using space certified technology.

For optimum health your plan will need to incorporate elements of sound nutrition, strength and fitness training, along with the care of a chiropractor.

You can also just call us next week at 314-432-2329.  Our mission is to educate and empower you toward optimal health. We look forward to being your chiropractic wellness physician and leading to a vibrant life!

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Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend and a sincere thank you to all who serve our country today or in the past.

Dr. Mike Thompson
Vibrant Living Chiropractic

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