A New Revolution

This Monday, and really all weekend, we will all celebrate the freedom we enjoy as Americans. We will revel in the reward afforded us by the courageous and committed Americans who have fought and sacrificed for all of us, for over 200 years.

We take the word, “Revolution,” for granted today. In its true context it is a life or death decision.

For our forefathers the cost of failure was swinging from a tree as a traitor. The reward for success was control of their destiny and the then unimaginable blessings and privileges we enjoy today.

There is another revolution taking place right now. The present day oppressors are still formidable and the consequences are still life and death. This tyrant is subtle and deceptive in its attack against us and those we love. This enemy is actually behind the front-line and in our midst. That’s because it is one of our own making.

The attacker is our modern lifestyle:

  • Processed foods
  • Pharmaceuticals that treat only symptoms
  • Reactionary medicine
  • Static office work environments
  • Sedentary lifestyles
  • TVs, computers and video games

When you are overweight, out of shape and stressed out, you are a prisoner of way. It’s a vicious cycle that can beat you down, kill enjoyment and eventually destroy you. The Five Principles of Vibrant Living are built on the simple concept that to have true health, we must fight back with the combination of nutrition, fitness, chiropractic care and accountability.

Freedom from the tyranny of poor health and bad lifestyle choices isn’t easily gained. As is always the case, the only way to overcome this oppressor is with grit, determination and help from others.

Don’t rollover for this bully. Fight back. Our militia meeting spot is Vibrant Living Chiropractic.

Enjoy the weekend, and then call us at 314-432-2329.

Let’s schedule an assessment. Let’s find out where you are, how bad things have gotten and what you would need to do to take control of your body and mind, your life and your future.

What’s that? You don’t think you can do it.

Come on, we’re Americans. We can do anything.

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